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  1. Very professionally done in my opinion, and, like many, I know the place itself so I can make some judgements. I like how the film is trying to appeal to Stockholmers (I am sure) by saying ”you know, there is more to this country than sophistication, history and wealth – something timeless, and more in communion with the real gamle Sweden” – and I suspect many Swedes would resonate with this, as so many have country or family houses many miles away, in rural Sweden, or on an island. I think how to market Swedish whisky is a challenge – how to persuade the locals (with a fierce enthusiam for whisky, mostly Islay – Scottish) to consider and take seriously something ”home grown”? I am sure that quality, organic growth, sustainability and not ”flashiness” is key to this, as well as mountains, and oceans, of patience! It is interesting to see how Mackmyra did / do what they do. Box are now second – their approach is very different, in terms of style of whisky, and appeal. My other two favourites in the quartet – Spirit of Hven, and Smogen, are at different stages, and they too have quite different approaches. For me the greatest challenge is to see if there is a real ”Swedish-ness” in whisky made by Swedes, in Sweden? I hope so. I honestly don’t get enthused by ”global” styles – often lowest common denominators – in Storbrittanien this is ”Marks and Spenser” approach – not cheap, not bad, often pleasant – but lacking in any rough edges, any individuality, any character for fear of causing anyone any offence. Go back to your Viking roots, before the strange period of ”socialism” from the 1920s onwards – and rediscover what made Sweden a world power. It was having opinions, expressing opinions, and going out there!! Jantelagen will not sell much whisky in the end. So yes, be proud of what you are, you do, you make, and stand up and shout about it. OK so the film (returning to that now) is gentler, more persuasive, than I am suggesting, but a quiet insistence on what you do well is the key. And international recognition, awards, and good projects.

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