HemRecensionerGlenlivet Nadurra vertikalprovning med Tristan Campbell

Glenlivet Nadurra vertikalprovning med Tristan Campbell

Doktorn, Professorn och Spejaren träffar Tristan Campbell, Global brand ambassador från Chivas Brothers och testar hela The Glenlivets Nàdurra-range.

Missa inte denna fantastiska serie klassisk whisky från The Glenlivet!



  1. That’s a really great broadcast (and hey, it was in English – yippee). I like how you involved the brand ambassador, and, how you added water and blended. And, told him your opinions (good, and bad). This makes whisky fun and enjoyable at home, and not too severe a topic for people to think they can do this. Broadens its appeal too which is crucial. I will definitely now try the first fill bourbon with the oloroso – even if it is a shotgun marriage!!.

    • Glad you liked it David! We weren’t sure how people would react to a longer Whisky Play.
      I would love to hear how you like the ”shotgun marriage” between the first fill and olorosso.

  2. Well guys I think you did a great job on the Conference, and I got a feeling of being there, which was good (my first and only Stockholm was last year’s 2015 fair). So well done to you all as it’s a lot of work (and fun) filming and editing (unless you stream live, which is fun too).

    One of the questions for you is what is the main message and medium you are trying to convey? I compare it to a nice meal in a restaurant (and I am an expert in pies, as my shape betrays!). So, you could put the url of the restaurant up alone (that is ”go find out for yourself…”). You could put the menu up, as a pdf (”pretty damned fatuous” idea) – though from that as an observer you could tell what kind of food they serve, but not if it is any good. You could film the surroundings, the inside of the restaurant, the table. You could also film the food itself – being prepared, or cooked, or brought to the table, or eaten (and what you thought of it). Could veer into foodporn (which is a very different audience). Or finally, you could set up a camera and stream 90 minutes of the arrival of guests, sitting down, predinner drinks, the food, the wine, the fond farewells. Etc. Of interest only to the participants, and maybe not all of them. Or, you could do a classic wedding video approach – 15-30 minutes edited from 6 hours (huge amount of work if done well).

    The questions are – what will people enjoy AND find informative and interesting? And, just as important, what do you guys actually want to achieve, apart from some fun times? IMHO it would be a blend or melange of presenting short dips into a fair, or whisky – 3 minutes only snippets – which might be able to get the atmosphere nicely. Maybe the hall, the queue, the anticipation (you can usually get some reaction from people queuing – you could play around and speed it up for example). Might be able to snatch a few comments from a person or group. Mixed with significantly longer pieces, like this one, where you can learn about the whiskies in more depth. With a guest expert, and, also, 2 or 3 of you (not probably just one). Keeping it personal, fairly light, and flowing (the words and the whisky). Basically, the suite of offerings you guys have seems to cover all of the bases, and some bits will appeal to some, to all, and a few maybe to none. I am sure you have click-rates and responses etc to guide you. But I think a lot of the content you do works well.

    I love the Ralfy.com series – but, it is him alone, for 30 minutes per review, with very rarely (eg Review 600) a different location. BUT you know what you get, and he is very knowledgeable, but wears his learning lightly too. You won’t want to emulate that style though. Appealing to a younger crowd, to show them that whisky is fun, interesting and a social event – not being over technical, but not shying away from non condescending explanations either – I imagine this is one of your missions. One final word of advice – the tyranny of content! If you start out promising say to visit every distillery in Scotland and reporting back – you’ll regret it once you’ve got to 30 or more… But, if you did an Islay special, visiting the 8 or 9 (something many whisky nerd Swedes will have done), you’ll get a lot of positive feedback. I guess on content the last point is whether you are sponsored, and whether you’ll have to do placements, and kow-tow to their agenda. Or are free agents.

    All comes down to the ”mission statement” you have in ABCWHISKY. But do keep it up!!!

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