Highland Park Braunstein and Friends Special Edition 2016



Då var det dags för mässans pärla: Highland Parks egna buteljering åt Braunstein. 12 år har den kommit upp i och detta är en sherrytung rackare med alla fina mörka bär du kan tänka dig. Halva mässans deltagare köade imorse för att få loss sitt egna exemplar av denna unika buteljering och god är den – något för sherryälskaren, något för mig:).

Jättehäftigt att Braunstein har så pass bra kontakter att de kan ro i hamn en egen Highland Park!

Ps – självklart har vi med oss 4 hem 😉


  1. Awesome!! I so like the HP releases. And you Swedes are getting 2 new ones released just for your personal consumption too – on the System (oh, the joy, the rapture of another tussle with SB) from 20th October. They’ll be ordered within 10 seconds, for sure, as the releases are both small in bottle number. This Braunstein sounds like a great festival – is it annual, cos, if so, next year…. in any case, they’re quite close to Copenhagen are they not??

    • I also had the opportunity to try the ones for the swedish market, and they where really good, especially the one with a more subtle sherry flavour. My guess is that they will be gone in much less than 10 seconds. 🙂 Since I guess the doctor can’t answer your question right now: yes, Braunstein holds this festival every year, and it is just under on hour from Copenhagen by train. It seems both you and me need to make room in the calendar for next year. 🙂

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