Balvenies Morgan får finbesök av Doktorn och Professorn


Vi provar två av Balvenies flaggskepp på mässan, 15 Cask och Balvenie TUN 1509 Batch 3 i den bästa av miljöer


  1. Wow guys – now you are ”pushing the boat out” with this one (maybe more towing the car out?). Great stunt by Balvenie to have that classic Morgan – lovely cars. Two great whiskies too – especially that Tun 1509 Batch 3. I am glad you did not manage to drive Professorn as the Polis might have had some questions. And, for all three of the team – Professorn, Doktorn and Spejaren – I now see your next media move – it is obvious really. Top Gear of course has gone – the BBC replacement was pretty lame – and the trio Clarkson, Hammond and May are now doing Netflix ”Grand Tour” (for which the advance clips too really good). I think you three can do the same, on a huge budget, and appearing in all 5 continents, for whisky! Nice work if you can get it!! Now, which of you three would be the Jeremy Clarkson character ….. hmmm ……

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